Good eats!

Popchips have been Buy 1 Get 1 at Henry’s this week. So …we’ve bought 12 bags in 5 days. Not saying we’ve eaten them all, but we go through a lot of Popchips, so  I bought some to stock up.

AND! I made my own sweet potato fries tonight, and they are delish.

Summer has left and Fall is HERE!

Recently, I’ve begun to notice all the pumpkins and sweet potatoes appearing everywhere. Trader Joes has white pumpkins, orange pumpkins, pie pumpkins and more for sale. Costco is selling 10 lb boxes of sweet potatoes, which are a seasonal good that they provide every year. So with the excitement, I jumped on the bandwagon and participated in my share of pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

With my pie pumpkin, I originally made a modified version of dinner in a pumpkin. But when I realized that the dish was a bit too bland for my taste, I modified it into pumpkin chocolate chili-a versatile and comforting fall dish. As for the sweet potatoes, I’ve done sweet potato fries, stews, soups, an addition to my mom/grandma’s curry..the list goes on.

This week, I’m looking forward to baking some pumpkin oat cookies (inspired by my co-worker who brought his homemade chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies this morning). Think…oats infused with pumpkin pie spice, pureed pumpkin, white chocolate chips, and walnuts. MmM I can’t to come!!

So what are YOUR Halloween plans? And have you been using ingredients from Fall?

Go check out the tea giveaway!

Coco over at Balance, Joy, and Delicias has an awesome tea giveaway. Go check it out =)

Will be back with Vegas pics.



The Blogging is BACK

After a long hiatus, I think I’m ready to come into the blog world and WORK on this blog.  I’m also trying to get back into a full workout routine. Will you be here to stick with me through it? It’ll be logged on one of the tabs above under workouts.

As for food, Whole Foods has had collard greens on sale for $.99 per bunch this week. I’ve come to realize that they make awesome wraps for hummus, sprouts, whatever.

Finally this weekend will be filled with a trip to Vegas with my mama in which I hope to take some pictures of good eats.

That’s all for now folks!


A very late post on Taiwan/HK


On Wednesday, a couple of my old roomies and I decided to try out a Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant located in the North Park area called Spread.  

The restaurant was simple and small, definitely very personable. The owner greeted us with a pitcher of water filled with fresh cut flowers from that morning (sorry didn’t get a picture, he took it away too fast). After being introduced to the menu and the ingredients, we finally decided on ordering 2 different drinks- I picked the sangria, and Jen picked the Chocolate Cherry Mojito; and the last 3 dishes- Bruschetta, Risotto, and Papardelle (fresh made pasta!).  Details on the menu below.             


I have to admit that the best part of the meal was the drinks. My sangria had freshly squeezed orange pulp in it and the fresh fruit flavors were awesome. I’m kind of a fruit snob. I like my fruit flavors to be fresh, not added in syrup form. Jen’s Mojito was quite fruity as well. Even though it was supposed to have some chocolate flavors in it, the only difference I could taste was the alcohol since it had purple potato vodka in it.

Since Spread chooses to serve their dishes one at a time, to encourage sharing, we all had a taste of each dish (well, ok, maybe a little more than “a taste”). The Bruschetta had a very strong garlic spread, but not in a bad way, it was quite flavorful. The vegan bread was crispy on the edges and toasted with olive oil. The garlic scapes were softer than typical sauteed asparagus, but were unique and made a pretty presentation.


Next came the risotto- made with one of the first grains ever eaten by man, or so they claim. I’ve never had farro, but it reminded me very much of a wheat berry or earthy brown rice. I must say that none of us were impressed with the dish. The “creaminess” of the risotto only existed because of the amount of oil added to the dish and the grains had too much of a bite to it making it taste almost undercooked. The dish was overpowered with lemon and salt making it hard to taste any other flavors in the dish. I felt super thirsty after eating it. 

Finally we had the pappardelle pasta made with red carrots. I really liked the texture of the fresh pasta. And the macademia pesto was tasty for about the first couple of bites. Thereafter it was  overly rich and I honestly didn’t taste  rose petal. Unfortunately it was so rich that Jen and Esther felt like they would throw up if they had to eat the whole thing. 

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Spread but am not sure I would go back again . I have yet to find a Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant that doesn’t try too hard with the dishes. It’s a shame, because they have such unique and fresh ingredients in the dishes. Overall I’d rate it 2.5 stars / 5…and I know, I’m always a little stringent with ratings, but it takes a lot of impress me. 





Cupcakes Galore!

I’m making cupcakes today, and this will be my official first post as well. I started off the morning with a bowl of honey bunches of oats mixed with Kashi Honey Sunshine and ~1/2 cup of peaches and skim milk. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it. 

However, two of my students had birthdays this week and I’m attempting to make Dark Chocolate cupcakes with White Chocolate frosting. I have already made the Cupcake part and they’re cooling right now. Still trying to figure out how to make the frosting but that should be done soon! Pictures to come in a little bit!